CEO's Message

"We will place the top priority on quality and environment to move the hearts of customers"

We will always be there to help customers find their best way.

Dear Valued Customers and Shareholders,

I wish you good health and happiness. I am delighted to make a salutation to our customers and shareholders.

We appreciate your continuous support and feedback. Kumho Tire will always be opened to your suggestions and ideas in order to provide the best value and reliability to our customers.

Over the past half-century, Kumho Tire has built the foundation for a sustainable company, which has thrived through a full range of business environments and has grown to be one of the top 10 tire companies in the world.

We are proud of living up to our Corporate Image as a Beautiful Company preparing for a new entrepreneurial takeoff, fulfilling corporate social responsibility and contributing to society.

We will strive to become a 'Customer Value Maximizer' company which will be trusted and praised by our customers through improving our company values and delivering defect-free products and services.

Kumho Tire will also remain committed to upholding respect for life and supporting environmental protection. We will make every effort to become a leading eco-friendly company for future generations in all business activities, products and services.

I hope for your continued commitment and enthusiasm. I wish for your best happiness and success in the coming year.

Thank you,

Kim Chang-Kyu
President & CEO
Kumho Tire Co., Inc.

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